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Video or teleconferences can be scheduled for any time, any day 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This was again a live video teleconference broadcast via satellite feed. You may see no video, or live feeds of other educational events at this link before the teleconference date and time. Scheduling a convenient time for the video teleconference can be tricky based on when classes meet and what time zone they are located in. Objectives Students will: Organize a video teleconference with schools in remote locations to discuss the results of the survey. Note: Video teleconferences may be conducted as if all of the participants were in the same room. A teleconference that includes video communications. Students organize a video teleconference over CU-SeeMe to discuss the results of the survey with participants. Students invite classes that respond to the survey to participate in a CU-SeeMe video teleconference on the survey topic. Use CU-SeeMe to coordinate a video teleconference with schools in different time zones.

This enables users to call into teleconferences from their computers over broadband Internet connections without using a regular phone line. WOMMA's new teleconference series brings you the top experts in word of mouth marketing directly to you by phone. Individual phone charges may apply for long distance phone calls to the teleconference number in Iowa, depending on your personal long distance service plan. Students will phone in questions during the teleconference. Reserve the room and necessary equipment, including a phone or fax machine, and enough TV monitors for invited guests to comfortably view the teleconference. Audience members at the teleconference can ask the panelists questions via phone, fax or e-mail.

Minutes from the teleconferences are posted at this web site. Following each teleconference, a transcript will be prepared and made available through this Web site. If you need to download a .pdf for a teleconference from you will need to sign in to the site. After you have successfully logged in to the site choose the teleconference program from the Memberships tab at the top of the screen. Contact the closest site near you to register for the teleconference. If you invite colleagues from multiple locations/campuses to view the teleconference at one physical location, that is one site. A replay of the teleconference will be archived on the company's investor relations portion of the company's web site. The Host Site Coordinator must be present at the start of the teleconference to aid the instructor if they are from an outside organization.

To register for the teleconference, please follow the registration instructions below. The teleconference is free, but please register your participation. Those who intend to access the teleconference should register at least ten minutes in advance to ensure access to the call. To register or login for a teleconference, click on the date or time of the conference below. Those who wish to participate must register in advance for the teleconference. You will also be able to register for any of the teleconferences in this series on the registration from.

It was agreed that following this teleconference, the Secretariat would provide the names and email addresses of all the members of the Sub-group. 15 posts You can post to this discussion by sending an email to Submitting questions in advance: Questions for discussion may be submitted by email to the chair, Mark Hakinnen, at any time before the teleconference. A link to your specific web-enabled teleconference will be sent via facsimile or email prior to the teleconference. Email is a common example of a computer teleconference.

We provide a convenient and affordable Train-The-Trainer program to maximize the results of each teleconference call. This teleconference will provide libraries and their governing institutions with an analysis of the implications of the recent anti-terrorism measures. This teleconference will provide a brief overview of Kentucky's practice model, the research that supports it and administrative considerations for implementation. Will provide clear and specific information on how to market this teleconference. Teleconferencing professionals undertook this study to provide the field with quality standards that teleconferences should meet in order to minimally satisfy the market.

The quality Vcall webcasting clients have come to expect is now available for your teleconference. Because a few bad teleconferences can ruin teleconferencing for a campus or for a corporation, the need for quality standards has increased. In preparing your next teleconference, the form should be useful in helping you create a teleconference that meets current quality standards for the industry. As the successful model of a quality teleconference emerged through trial and error, more producers entered the field and some produced bad teleconferences.

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