How Does Operator Attended Phone Conferencing Work?

by Jon Butt

Businesses need to be connected throughout the whole organization. And many companies have come to rely on phone conferencing as a means for cost-effective long-distance communication.

But what is operator attended phone conferencing and how is it different from reservationless calls? Thankfully, information on teleconferencing is easy to research through various product literature or the internet.

Operator Attended Phone Conferencing - The Essentials

Operator attended conferencing differ from other phone conferencing services in that all group meetings are assisted by a human operator. While some companies may prefer the ability to create phone conferences on demand, there are various ways how an operator can enhance the phone conferencing experience. For instance, with a operator assisted phone conferencing call, you don't have to learn any of the phone conferencing codes. Instead let the operator do the task of setting up the room for you. Also, some phone conferencing vendors actually provide assistance in conducting the conference. The operator can act as a speaker, introducing participants and facilitate questions during the teleconferencing session.

Operator assisted phone conferencing also tends to provide more features than reservationless phone conferencing. This is because an excess of features can be hard to invoke by just using phone codes. An operator can easily assist clients setup a variety of add-on functionality to the phone conferencing session. The operator can help in notifying participants, recording the conference, or in conducting phone polling/voting services.

Operator attended phone conferencing is also relatively inexpensive. A phone conferencing solution can help your company save on a lot of expenses. A lot of plans have flat-rates, although more and more are providing per-minute phone conferencing packages to cater to the small-to-medium business market. Despite the emergence of web conferencing in the enterprise scene, phone conferencing is still easier to setup and avail.

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