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Businesses and individuals that find themselves operating on ever-enlarging circles of influence can now cut costs and hassle by incorporating the use of conferencing solutions.

Conferencing software has developed in response to the widening global economy, wherein businesses and other types of international organizations must maintain frequent contact with individuals widespread across nations and the globe.

Conferencing solutions include video and audio conferencing. They are both large and small scale, and can entail as many aspects as might be needed given the situation.

The most convenient forms of conferencing are those that are available through the internet. Both businesses and individuals can hook up with others miles away through their personal computers, for a large meeting or a private conversation.

Audio conferencing entails just the vocal aspects of the meeting. Audio conferencing over the internet is cost effective, as it does not entail the exorbitant costs that are put out by long distance carriers, and this is even more true for businesses. There are many application that are available for audio conferencing, both as software purchases through companies such as Microsoft and applications available for free on the internet that can be used by the individual or small business owner, such as Skype. All the different conferencing packages have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of security, privacy, and reliability, and theses are usually dependant on cost.

Video conferencing is also available through the internet, in real time. Video conferencing usually involves more equipment than audio depending on the size of the meeting. Sometimes, a single monitor is enough to accurately depict several individuals, but more often than not businesses purchase large flat stand-up screens for video conferencing purposes, in order to have each individual at a desk or table visible for the duration.

Video conferencing often includes components that make for easy illustration, such as projected charts and graphs. It can also entail animated components, making the information easy to follow and understand. Video conferencing also offers detailed transcripts of proceedings for later review and other records.

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