The Fountain of Youth Found At Last

The promise of a longer life has always fascinated mankind. In the past, people built monuments, wrote books, and discovered new lands as ways of immortalizing themselves. Today, scientific advancements in the medical industry are creating new opportunities to help people enjoy longer, healthier lives.

To help understand the potential for longer life, we need to first understand a contributing factor in many diseases: oxidative stress. Our lives are meant to live in a balance between pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants, with just a few more pro-oxidants than anti-oxidants. Oxidative stress happens when there is an imbalance between these two.

The result? Damage occurs to organs and tissue made up of affected cells. Oxidative stress has also been suggested as a cause of diseases like Lou Gehrig's disease, Parkinson's disease, Alzehimer's disease, and Huntington's disease. Also, oxidative stress may be a contributing factor to the aging process. It stands to reason that if the aging process is linked to oxidative stress, then a potential solution lies in the reduction of the stress by balancing the pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants in our bodies. One company is working on exactly that process. PreVantix Corporation specializes in the science that addresses oxidative stress and its potential effects of disease management and anti-aging.

To help them focus on their goals and uncover necessary capital, they have joined the fold of EntreMetrix (OTC: ERMX), which helps companies with financial and infrastructure development - by taking care of the time-consuming, esoteric and financial problems facing growing companies, so the company can focus on their core business, which is what Entremetrix sees value in. EntreMetrix offers several support services to companies (including PreVantix Corporation) with the goal of helping those companies eventually become their own OTC investment. ERMX investors receive OTC shares in the other company once it is built up enough to operate on its own.

So buying shares in Entremetrix will earn investors dividends of their portfolio companies stock when they are brought to the public market. An investment in ERMX now locks in future share acquisition, should PreVantix get spun out into its own OTC investment. What are the chances of that happening? The issue will depend on the ease of getting products to market and then whether or not there are buyers.

PreVantix's product line-up is positioned within the highly profitable preventative therapy sector, but it is not a pharmaceutical. Thus, it offers health benefits similar to pharmaceuticals but because their therapies use naturally occurring substances, there are no concerns about these products being bogged down in FDA regulations. Not only that, but PreVantix's product line-up is positioned to the fastest growing population segment in North America.

By 2025, there will be twice as many people over 65 than there will be teenagers. That demographic will be looking to prolong their lives and they'll have the money to spend to make it happen. PreVantix is building a product line-up to meet those needs and with the help of EntreMetrix, they will endeavor to build a business structure that will position them to supply those needs.

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The Fountain of Youth Found At Last - The promise of a longer life has always fascinated mankind.

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