The Adsense Craze and MLM

The hottest items now being promoted are those that promise riches from Google's Adsense. Some tout that you can make tens of thousands of dollars per month by putting up "virtual real estate" sites that contain Adsense ads. Is it true? Can you really make that kind of money? Perhaps.

I use adsense and it does bring it a bit of money. Nothing like those numbers though. Building a business with Adsense is like building a house on sand. It's great for a while, but someday its going to shift with the sand. Lets say you work your tail off, stop doing MLM and concentrate on Adsense.

Suddenly your Adsense business is bringing you some real cash each month and your MLM business is bringing you nothing. You are fat and happy with that nice juicy check. One day you wake up to check your daily income from Adsense which is decent and you find that, it is almost zero. You can't believe your eyes! What happened. You start checking your empire of 1,200 websites and yes, they are up and running, but no ads are showing up.

Google just changed the rules and knocked you out of the game. Your income as great, but now it's nothing and you are in big trouble because you bought that new Mercedes based on Adsense income. It can happen and has happened to some people.

Best advise. Stick to your MLM if that is what you are doing and build your income with that. If you've picked a good company the chance that they will suddenly change or go out of business is small. I will admit that the MLM could go bust too, that has also happened to people, but it's much less likely to happen than the former. Getting back to the Google craze.

Do you know who is making the money now? The people promoting the Google craze. They have quietly made money from Google when it was first out and some have made TONS of cash. Now that it's out of the bag, they see that it could end and are building a business of selling their experience or have a software tool to create Adsense sites to sell. Some of these services are $14,000 , some are $197, $297 a month! Membership websites selling Google Adsense information are charging $97 a month. I wonder who is making the real money now? Carleton Sheets made some money in real estate, but he made a whole lot more selling his course on how he did it. It's the same principal.

Scott Ames is a writer and publisher of He also has interest in several other websites.

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