Profitable Reasons To Use Conference Calling

by Ken Asselin

Conference Calling

Whether you're the owner of a small business or the CEO of a large company, conference calling can be a powerful solution to the rapidly rising cost of doing business in today's ever changing business environment. Cheap conference calling services, web conference calling, and video conferencing have changed the way companies communicate both with their employees and with their clients. Conference calling can measurably reduce your communications costs as well as travel expenses to measurably improve business performance.

Conference Calling Providers

There are many conference calling providers available today, offering a wide range of services, and finding a conference calling service that fits your company's individual needs should not be difficult. Some will work with any business phone system which can be ideal for private parties, small businesses or corporations. Systems such as Skype offer international conference calling at exceptionally reasonable rates as well as audio conferencing and video conferencing over the web. Some of the most recent enhancements being offered by some conference calling services are ten-way conference calling and enhanced video calling. It is recommended that you use a conference calling service for more than six parties, and for international conference calling.

Conference Calling Service

Many of the Conference calling providers will offer a free trial period. Trying a couple out to see if they meet your individual demands can be prudent. It is a relatively new industry, and all conference calling providers are not created equal. Look for one that gives you instant access to conference calling whenever you want it and one that will not necessarily require operator assistance. Having low cost conference calling operator assistance available as an option is a valuable feature.


Web conference calling is much more that just a conference call. Conference calling via your web browser offers you a wide variety of options including live office meeting video conferencing, video training seminars, video demonstrations and much more. By web conference calling your meetings can be more entertaining, educational, and effective.

Conference Calling Advantages

Some of the most obvious advantages of conference calling and video conference calling are the immediate reduction in meeting and travel costs, and how instantly and easily you can share charts, grafts, and documents. You will notice a dramatic improvement in your demonstrations and presentations, and new programs can be introduced immediately. With the simple addition of a web cam you can personalize your client contact. You can introduce products and services faster, and get immediate response and feedback from your employees and clients. Virtual hands on training for your employees and clients are available with online interactive training sessions.

Conference Calling Costs

Cost varies of course depending on the conference calling provider and the type of service you choose. Flat rate conference calling, per minute toll free calling, prepaid calling cards, international prepaid calling cards, and unlimited phone and web conferencing services are all available. It is wise to shop around for pricing. As mentioned earlier in this article, it is a relatively new industry, and all conference calling providers are not created equal.

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