Need Only Be Good At One Thing

When I want to invest to accumulate wealth, I will diversify my investments so as reduce my risks. For example, if I were to invest in the shares of one company, I would face the risk of losing everything if the company went bust. But if I were to invest equally in the shares of 100 companies, my risk would be reduced to the loss of 1 percent of my investments if one of the companies went bust. In other words, I will not put all my eggs into one basket.

Invest to accumulate wealth is different from creating wealth to become rich. If I want to create wealth to become rich, then I should be focusing on just one thing. I should not be diversifying my resources to various ways of getting rich. If I try to be good at everything, I will never be able to truly master any one of them because I am too stretched out. There are many ways to become rich. Personally, I classified them into a few categories.

Firstly, the dishonest way of becoming rich. This involves crimes such as cheating, robbing, stealing and so on. There are two distinct disadvantages to become rich in this way. The first disadvantage is that the laws may catch up with me anytime. The other disadvantage is that my partners in crimes may cheat on me any time.

In the end, I would lose everything that I have made. Secondly, the easy way of becoming rich. Basically, I do not create wealth right from scratch. Instead, I receive the wealth almost instantly.

For examples, I could marry someone for the sake of wealth. I could inherit wealth from someone. I could strike a lottery and so on. The first disadvantage is that chance is very slim for such a thing to happen. The second disadvantage is that I would likely to lose most of them over a period of time because I had not master how to manage great wealth properly. Lastly, creating wealth right from scratch.

This requires a lot of hard works. There is likely to be numerous setbacks along the way. Also, I would face the constant struggle to give up. For examples, I could try to become rich by trading options. After making a few bad trades and loss some money, I might just give up. But if I persisted and learned from my mistakes to become an exceptionally trader, then I could start to teach people to trade.

My knowledge of trading becomes my wealth. In other words, I create wealth from my knowledge. Basically, I have tried a lot of things in the last category. I have tried option trading. I have tried to write a book. I have tried shares trading.

I have tried to invest in a real estate. I have tried internet marketing. I have tried network marketing. But I am never good at anyone of them because I lack of focus. Also, I want to become rich instantly.

Whenever I found a new way that promise that I could get rich quickly, I become really excited. I would change my focus to the newly found way of becoming rich. In the end, I am nowhere near my goal of becoming rich. Even though the idea of multiple streams of income is very enticing, I feel that the way to create wealth to become rich is to focus on one thing at a time. After reading so many books and attending seminars on wealth creations including Rich Dad's Series, I have concluded that I should make it rich by being good at one thing first.

Then, I can subsequently branch up to create other sources of income. My mistake is that I have tried to branch up to create other sources of income before I have succeeded to be good at any one of them. My conclusion is further enhanced when I have learned from successful people that great wealth is only created when I focus on one thing and be really good at it.

To be really good at the one thing, I must really love doing it. If I love what I do, I will excel in it. It is no longer work but play for me. Since I am very good at it, I definitely can create wealth out of my knowledge. For example, if I am very good at options trading.

I can trade options for a living. I can also teach people to trade options for a living. Because I am good at it, I can charge a premium for the courses. If I love playing golf and I am good at it, I can play golf for a living.

I can also teach people to play golf. Invest to accumulate wealth required different strategy from creating wealth. I have learned to adopt different strategy for different purpose.

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