Conference Call Centers

by Mike Daniels

It is hard to imagine the present-day world of million per minute transactions without an organizer, without someone ready to serve the God of Instant Deals thus making profits. These organizers do not have to go the extra mile looking for customers - their clients are everywhere, all way around the globe. The organizers are those telecommunications companies and owners of conference centers that provide conference call services.

The significance of conference call services is hard to overestimate: their mission is to provide a continuously high quality of real-time(or near real-time) communication for those, who are eager to save time, travel costs and concerned about security, in a word for those in the know of modern-business values.

Basically, there are two types of conference call providers: mortar-and-brick and online ones. The first type can lend you conference rooms and cutting-edge equipment (depending on the company), while the virtual one provides you with software and connection services.

Conference centers are impressive buildings with a wide range of facilities and equipment installed and designed to meet the high needs of top-management meetings and gatherings. They usually have business centers with classrooms ideal for arranging presentations, cabarets (with two delegates at a table, suitable for presentations that involve audience participation), boardrooms for interactive discussion, spacious theatres with several hundred seats and other facilities. They provide such services as audio- and video-conferencing tools and equipment. As well, there is a team of professionals responsible for security-related issues and an efficient event-planning service that offers specialist advice in catering, technical issues, telecommunications and room set-ups.

The option described above is the best for large meetings drawing top managers of different companies and corporations. It is rather costly. For those, who would like to have access to less expensive conference call services, virtual solutions can be more attractive.

Among the most popular companies that offer conference calls online are Free Conference, Conference Call and Conference Call Unlimited. If you want to organize an audio conference, you can use reservationless and managed or operator-assisted solutions. A telecommunications company allocates a dial-in number and a password code to the user of the service, who sets a date and time of the conference and invite participants. If you want to have specialist assistance in organizing a conference event over the phone, they can again give you advice and take responsibility for inviting all conferees on your list. Microsoft offers downloadable LiveMeeting and NetMeeting solutions, which are first-class: free of charge private and low-cost business versions.

Besides, conference calls are easy to make using such software as Skype, Firefly, Yahoo! Messenger, Hotmail MSN and others. You will just need a PC, a headset and broadband connection. You can enhance your conferencing experience adding a camera. Conference calls are getting overwhelming attention and great respect from businesses in all countries. Try to bring together 4 people from 4 different countries together in one place at one time and then trying making a conference call. As soon as you realize the benefits of the latter, you will start saving considerably.

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